Our Story

Flowerdale Farm is an innovative Australian owned family business with a focus on providing the highest quality specialty produce. Located at Stores 52-54 in the Melbourne Wholesale Market, we have over thirty years of fresh produce experience.

Flowerdale Farm is a grower and supplier of quality Microgreens, Shoots, Sprouts, Petite Vegetables, Edible Flowers, Salad Greens and Herbs. With over 150 products in our wholesale range, we are leading distributors to independent green grocers, top end retail providores, exporters and supermarkets in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. We also extensively supply the hospitality and foodservice industry, with premium Flowerdale Farm produce featuring on menus of some of the best restaurants in Australia and internationally.

As innovators in specialty produce, we pride ourselves on developing creative food ideas that appeal to modern tastes. We continually work with chefs and growers to develop our range and supply the newest products to the retail and wholesale market. These strong links with both growers and the hospitality industry set Flowerdale Farm apart from its competitors. It is through these relationships that the company aims not just to be wholesalers of produce, but to become an integral partner in the development of new products and culinary concepts.

This unique approach has positioned Flowerdale Farm as a leader in the fresh produce industry. In 2013 the company was nominated for The Weekly Times Coles Farmer of the Year Award and was one of 5 national finalists for the PMA Fresh Produce Marketer of the Year Award.

Flowerdale Farm is also leading the way in raising food safety standards within the hydroponics food industry. Our company directors are active members of ISGA (International Sprout Growing Association), are on the board determining the allocation of funds for industry innovation and safety development within ANZSA (Australia New Zealand Sprout Association), and sit on the advisory committee to the food regulatory body FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand).

With a national network of growers and distributors, Flowerdale Farm delivers products that have a minimum of road-miles, ensuring that you receive the freshest premium produce. Our ongoing commitment to quality, safety, freshness and innovation means you can rely on Flowerdale Farm for the best premium produce delivered with reliable service.




Why Choose Flowerdale Farm?

Flowerdale Farm is an industry leader with over thirty years experience growing and distributing sprout products. When you buy Flowerdale Farm produce you can be sure you are receiving the most flavoursome and freshest high quality products.

At Flowerdale Farm we are continually striving to develop new products and improve consumer experience with our product range. We love creating exciting new food ideas to bring your meals to life. Our latest developments include new microgreens, edible flowers, petite vegetables and Australian native products.

For meal inspiration look no further than Flowerdale Farm. Our website contains a huge number of recipes ideas to make the most of your Flowerdale produce.

Flowerdale Farm also strives to maximise product lifespan and deliver the freshest products in the best possible condition. This is achieved through innovation in the packaging of our goods. Our unique packaging solutions set the brand apart from its competitors, offering a superior quality product for a comparable price.

When you choose Flowerdale Farm you select the seal of quality. With our local growers you can rely on the freshest, high quality produce direct from the farm to your plate.

Quality Assurance

At Flowerdale Farm we have the highest quality certification in food safety available and only accept produce that meets our industry leading product specifications.

We require that all our growers are HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This means that every grower for our business is required by law to meet the highest health safety standards in Australia. Flowerdale Farm’s commitment to food safety involves regular audits of growers to ensure that they are meeting these standards.

We also implement a strict set of policies and procedures that oblige suppliers to meet our high standards. Our focus on freshness, food safety and product quality ensures Flowerdale Farm customers have confidence in knowing they are receiving the best gourmet produce available.

What is a Microgreen?

Flowerdale Farm Microgreens (or micro herbs as they are also known) are living baby herb and vegetable sprouts. They contain an intense, vibrant flavour and quality nutrient content. Microgreens offer a fresh alternative to flavouring with herbs, a stylish garnish and an alternative to traditional salads.

Microgreens possess a highly concentrated flavour while maintaining a fresh, delicate and vibrant appearance. They are used to enhance the flavour and aesthetic of any dish.

There is no easier way to add amazing flavour and interest to your meals than by adding fresh living Microgreens. Flowerdale Farm’s living Microgreens can be used as a substitute for cut or dried herbs in any dish. A punnet of living microgreens delivers the same flavour intensity as a whole bunch of mature herbs, but without the woodiness often associated with mature varieties.

Use microgreens to instantly enhance the taste and presentation of any dish including red and white meats, soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees, side dishes and even desserts.

What’s the advantage of living products?

There is no easier way to add amazing flavour and interest to your meals than by adding fresh herbs and sprouts. Flowerdale Farm’s living products can be used as healthy seasonings, crispy accompaniments or as a base for your main meal. Living products are some of the most versatile ingredients available and have the potential to completely transform a dish, drink or dessert.

Flowerdale Farm’s living products do more than just add incredible flavour to your meals, they also contain properties that are beneficial to your health. Our salads, herbs, sprouts and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are also a great source of protein with a high quality nutrient content.

Whilst further research is still required into the role living plants can play in disease prevention and treatment, there is no denying that they are a healthy and convenient ingredient with a lot to offer.

How can I purchase from Flowerdale Farm?

Providores, green grocers and supermarkets can order our products wholesale through Store 52-54 in the Melbourne Wholesale Market. To discuss your wholesale order please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone: +61 488 221 440 or fax: +61 3 9687 2520.

Restaurant clients can place an order through their current fruit and vegetable providore requesting Flowerdale Farm products.

Flowerdale Farm retail products are supplied to independent green grocers, top end retail providores and supermarkets nationwide. To find your nearest retail stockist simply enter your suburb or postcode on the stockist page.

All international inquiries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .