Alexander MCintosh

at the heads

With a wealth of culinary experience gained both in Australia and abroad, Alexander McIntosh is Executive Chef of a suite of Victorian coastal venues, including At The Heads (Barwon Heads), The Dunes Ocean Grove and Charlie Noble Café (Queenscliff).

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About Alexander McIntosh

Commencing his career in Canada, Alexander discovered a love of fine food at a young age and a flair for creating remarkable dishes. Starting out as a Commis Chef in 2005, Alexander quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a Sous Chef in just two short years.

After working under noted Chefs in Canada, including Executive Chef Yoshi Chubachi, and assisting with the illustrious Culinary Teams of Canada and British Columbia on their way to the World Culinary Olympics, Alexander decided it was time to further his skill and travel abroad in order to experience new cuisines and culinary cultures.

With this in mind, in July 2007, Alexander accepted a position at Jamie Oliver's Melbourne restaurant Fifteen. At Fifteen, Alexander was involved in preparing dishes for magazines, cookbooks and TV shows that featured the restaurant. As well as this Alexander was responsible for mentoring the "15" trainees who had been given a chance at the famous eatery.

Alexander then went on to work alongside Executive Chef Neil Perry at his iconic restaurant Rockpool Bar & Grill, then onto the Melbourne dining institution Cecconi's Cantina. Under the guidance of Neil Perry and Olympia Bortolotto, Alexander perfected his skills and developed an even greater understanding into the art of fine dining.

In 2011 Alexander accepted the position of Head Chef with the Atlantic Group, leading the team at Sketch and working closely with Chefs Tom Milligan and Donovan Cooke for several years.

Alexander commenced his current role as Executive Chef of the beautiful coastal venue At The Heads in 2016, and has been part of the new team breathing life into this amazing venue. In 2016 he also competed as one of the final 4 in the Australian national selection for the Bocuse d'Or, where the team finished second. Since then Alexander has remained an active member of the Bocuse d'Or committee for Team Australia.

Most recently, Alexander received the Gold Plates Award for Best Chef 2019, recognising excellence in hospitality in regional Victoria.

Alexander has kindly shared with us his recipe for kingfish poached in lemon myrtle butter, coastal greens and smoked mussels. Enjoy this dish At The Heads, or view the recipe on the Flowerdale Farm website.

At The Heads