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Teacher, television host and best-selling children's author Alice Zaslavsky (Alice in Frames), is the passionate and driven food educator behind Phenomenom, a free digital food education program for primary schools.

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About Alice Zaslavsky

Alice commenced her educational career in class rooms, as deputy head of a department at an elite private school in Melbourne. Combining her enthusiasm for food and education, Alice then moved into media, as host of kids' food and lifestyle programs Crunch Time and Kitchen Whiz on Nine's Channel Go! and Short Cuts to Glory on the ABC.
In 2015 Alice released her best-selling fresh food fact book, Alice's Food A-Z which was the first cookbook to be recognised as a Notable Book by the Children's Book Council of Australia.
Her journey in food journalism has seen Alice as Food Editor and columnist for The Weekly Review, and she regularly co-hosts the Veg Seg segment on ABC Radio Drive.
In her latest project Alice has combined her experience in education, creative arts and food media to create Phenomenom, a free digital food education program for primary schools, with the support of HORT Innovation's Vegetable Fund.
Phenomenom is based on research-led student-driven, Episodic Learning, working in and around the Australian curriculum. The program offers teachers of all subjects boundless opportunities to integrate food into their existing lessons, as well as ideas for new ones through videos, projects and activities. The series is complemented by a set of 50 curriculum-aligned classroom resources via Phenomenom's interactive website.
Combining the history of cuisine and agriculture with lessons about art, maths and science, the emphasis of Phenomenom is on exploration, cooperation, tactile experience and taste. Alice's fresh approach to digital food education aims to help connect students with fresh food and encourage an appetite for learning.
Alice has kindly shared with us a new episode of Phenomenom, watch it with your kids and find out more about the program by visiting the Phenomenom website: