Flavours & Trends: Nigella Flower @the_sunkissed_kitchen

sunkissed-kitchenAppearance: Large statement flower surrounded by a unique network of feathery blue-green leaves. Delicate in appearance, this crown of foliage encircles a multitude of pointed petals in vivid blue and purple tones.

Flavour: A nutty, sweet flavour featuring slightly-bitter over tones.

Applications: Blue Crown Nigella Flowers are one of our all-time favourite blooms for plating. Nigella is perfect for dessert dressing. Use this elegant edible flower as a statement cake topper or garnish for creative salads and sweets.

Complements: Summer fruits, berries, fruit salad, salad greens, Micro Salad, chocolate, nutella, macadamias, almonds, ice cream, sorbet, cakes and pastries.

Trends: A beautiful smoothie bowl made of mango, banana, shiitake extract and vanilla, topped with nectarine, apple, dried apple, and Nigella edible flowers by NSW food stylist @the_sunkissed_kitchen


Flavours & Trends: Sunshine Confetti @amaru_melbourne

Amaru-MelbourneAppearance: A golden selection of petite petals

Flavour: Musky, saffron-like, tangy flavour

Applications: Adds warm colour and mild flavour to savoury dishes, cakes and desserts. Stunning when scattered through salads.

Complements: Smoked salmon, trout, shellfish, white fish, breakfast eggs, chicken, ice cream, sorbet, honey, salad greens, citrus, summer fruits, macadamia, cakes and biscuits.

Trends: An elegant entree of onion, cured mackrel and smoked sheeps milk yogurt, finished with sunshine confetti petals at @amaru_melbourne


Instagram Inspiration @beesbakery

beesbakeryA stunning ombré wedding cake using shades of beautiful cornflowers by the talented @beesbakery.

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Flavours & Trends: Popcorn Shoots @longrainrestaurant

longrain-popcorn-shootsAppearance: Bright yellow stalk and splayed crown

Flavour: Intense sweetness, sweetcorn notes, with a crisp and crunchy texture

Applications: Popcorn shoots are a total surprise, bursting with sweet flavour. They are a unique sweetener to salads, desserts, meat and shellfish dishes. Popcorn shoots are also being used by innovative bars as a cocktail or whiskey garnish. Available all year.

Complements: Smokey flavours, cured meats, salmon, trout, shellfish, red meat, eggs, avocado, balsamic, root vegetables, corn, sorbet, dark chocolate and fruit salad

Trends: Pan seared beef tenderloin, nahm pork jowl, shin sauce, pickled daikon, nasturtium and wasabi leaf and @flowerdalefarm popcorn shoots are being served at Melbourne dining institution @longrainrestaurant by @chef_arte


Microgreens - The Versatile Super Food

micro-momentMicrogreens are tiny herbs or brassicas, harvested from a variety of crops during the early vegetative stage when the very first adult leaves appear. They possess a highly concentrated flavour, but also pack a serious nutrient-rich punch.

An American study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that some microgreens, such as red cabbage, coriander and radish, can contain up to 40 times more nutrients – such as vitamins C, E and K, as well as lutein and betacarotene – than their mature counterparts, making them a powerhouse for general wellbeing. Including a variety of microgreens in your daily diet is a simple and delicious way to add a high quality, nutritional value to a wide range of meals.

More than just a garnish, microgreens can be incorporated into dishes in numerous ways. Micro Salad is one of the simplest ways to enjoy the flavour and health benefits of these little beauties. A seasonal mix of freshly cut Microgreen varieties, Micro Salad has a combination of intense, concentrated flavours.

Micro Salad is a stylish alternative to traditional salad forms and can be used as a base for your favourite salad dishes, a gourmet side to main meals, added to smoothies or lunch bowls for an extra nutrient hit, or as a healthy addition to entrees and summer grazing platters. Available in both retail and foodservice punnets, Micro Salads make hitting your New Year's health goals simple and simply delicious! To make your own microsalad, simply buy 3 or 4 pots of your favourite Microgreen flavours, cut the herbs mid-stem with a pair of kitchen scissors and lightly toss together. Their flavour is so light, just add a little lemon juice as a dressing.