Hand-Cut Summer Salads

hand-cut-saladsSummer is a great time to be enjoying main meal salads! But not all salad leaves are created equal. Flowerdale Farm brand premium salads are one of the few Australian salad lines which are hand-cut. This means you are only receiving the most pristine baby salad leaves for your plate.

The vast majority of Australian grown salads are volume produced and machine cut. Whilst this is an efficient way to harvest large amounts of salad, the process can also damage the delicate baby leaves and lead to a product of sub-standard quality.

At Flowerdale Farm we recognise the hand-cut difference and supply a range of premium hand-picked baby leaf salads. The hand-picking process allows staff to individually inspect each plant for quality and select only the finest leaves for harvest. With hand-harvesting, the delicate baby leaves are less prone to bruising or damage which can easily occur with machine harvests. As such hand-cut salads maintain their condition well.

This traditional harvesting approach is complemented by industry leading triple-wash technology to ensure you receive only the most pristine baby salad leaves for your plate. Delivered daily direct from the farm to the Melbourne Wholesale Market, Flowerdale Farm Brand Premium Baby Leaf Salads really are a cut above the rest. Available in Baby Spinach, Rocket and Mesclun. Try them for yourself and make your summer salads shine Chef!


Instagram Inspiration @elleshungry

elles-hungryCoconut water, lime juice and @flowerdalefam edible flowers are all it takes to make these divine icy treats! The perfect way to stay cool by food stylist @elleshungry

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Flavours & Trends: Bean Shoots @enzosonthebeach

enzosAppearance: Fresh white, firm stems with small yellow sprout leaves.

Flavour: A strongly noted bean character which mellows into a soft, juicy freshness.

Applications: Reliable and dependable as a staple in stir fries, salad, noodle and rice dishes. Adds freshness to summer salads and seafood dishes. Available all year.

Complements: Egg, seafood, shellfish, oysters, smoked fish, lamb, kangaroo, pork, chicken, salad greens, Warrigal greens, chilli, garlic, lemongrass and ginger

Trends: Beautiful beach side dining from @enzosonthebeach: Hervey Bay octopus and prawns pan-fried in a blood orange glaze with stir-fried vegetables, rice, bean shoots & fried shallots


Flavours & Trends: Pea Shoots by Chef @ben_milbourne

benmilbourne-peashootsAppearance: Pale firm stems with vibrant green leafy sprout

Flavour: A full pea, grassy flavouring

Applications: Pea shoots provided a crisp texture and fresh flavour to a wide range of savoury dishes. Popular in Asian fusion, they add great dimension to rice paper rolls, stir-fries, salads, as well as breakfasts and brunches. These are a good value ingredient for a budget-conscious kitchen and available all year round.

Complements: Salmon, egg, beef, lamb, rice, cheese, bacon, citrus, fennel, avocado, garlic, vinegar, walnuts, almonds, sourdough, basil, coriander, chilli and ginger.

Trends: Barbacoa lamb with a coffee, chilli and peanut butter rub, garnished with pea shoots is a new twist on Mexican flavours by chef @ben_milbourne of SBS TV show Food Lab



Flavours & Trends: Lemon Myrtle Leaves @vuedemonde

vue-de-mondAppearance: Glossy, pointed green leaves

Flavour: Creamy lemon-lime flavour and aroma

Applications: The versatile and refreshing flavour makes a terrific seasoning for fish, chips, chicken and roast vegetables. Use fresh or grind into pastes or rubs. Also ideal for creating infusions and flavoured vinegars.

Complements: Seafood, tofu, pork, chicken, ice cream, sorbet, mango, chilli, salad greens, saltbush, karkalla, finger limes, coconut cream, ginger, fish sauce, yogurt, mayonnaise and vinegar.

Trends: Sydney Rock oysters are served with native lemon myrtle vinegar at @vuedemonde