Flavours & Trends: Ice Plant by Chef @joshretzz

Chef Josh RetzzAppearance: The leaves of this unique succulent are covered in glistening pearl-like clear cells, giving it the appearance that it is covered in ice

Flavour: Ice Plant's thick, angular, heart-shaped leaves produce a juicy, slightly salty taste

Applications: Enjoy Ice Plant raw or cooked as a spinach substitute in a wide range of meals. The crisp texture makes it an innovative salad green or a side dish. With a striking appearance, Ice Plant is also the ideal garnish or unique plate element.

Complements: White fish, crab, shellfish, cucumber, lime juice, citrus segments, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils and finger limes.

Trends: Stunning use of texture in this dish by Tassie Chef @joshretzz of Blood Sausage, Whipped Salted Cod Roe, Sea Urchin & Sweet Red Miso Butter, Toasted Rye, Fried Egg, Seeded Mustard & Native Ice Plant.


Flavours & Trends: Karkalla @BombaBar

bomba-barAppearance: Plump, juicy leaves in the shape of tiny bananas

Flavour: Light, sweet, salty taste similar to wild strawberries or fresh figs

Applications: An excellent accompaniment to seafood and shellfish. Karkalla can be used as a salt substitute in meat dishes or to add unique savoury dimension to salads and savoury meals. Karkalla is robust enough to be lightly steamed or blanched, stir-fried or pickled.

Complements: Mushrooms, egg, seafood, shellfish, oysters, smoked fish, salad greens, Warrigal greens, lamb, kangaroo, beetroot and white spirits.

Trends: Summer is sorted @BombaBar - Gin & Tonic served with @FlowerdaleFarm Native Karkalla and Finger Limes. Yes Please!


Instagram Inspiration @patisserielatoque

patisserielatoqueA festive wreath inspired edible flower cake top by micro-batch pastry and cake shop @patisserielatoque

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Flavours & Trends: Sweet Alyssum

born-under-the-sunAppearance: Clusters of tiny blooms in white, pink, purple and lilac hues

Flavour: Slightly sweet and peppery flavour similar to kale

Applications: A great addition to salads, savoury dishes and for use in intricate applications. Place stems of flowers throughout a dish to create a focal point or use tweezers to delicately position individual blooms for the perfect petite garnish.

Complements: Oysters, shellfish, seafood, red meats, chili, salad greens, citrus, summer fruits, berries, desserts, cheesecake, almonds and macadamias.

Trends: Fennel and oro blanco, almond cream, burnt grapefruit vinaigrette and stems of delicate Sweet Alyssum flowers complete this white themed dish by chef and food stylist @born.under.the.sun


Flavours & Trends: Sapphire Buttons Cornflower

sydney-food-sistersAppearance: A dense mass of tiny petals in vibrant blue, purple, pink and mauve tones

Flavour: Sweet to spicy, clove-like

Applications: Brilliant addition to fruit salads, breakfast and brunches, sweets, cakes and desserts, summer salads and biscuits. Separate the petals and scatter though dishes or used whole for greatest effect.

Complements: Chocolate, cream, ice cream, cakes, citrus, summer fruits, ancient grains, desserts, sweet pastries, sorbets, salad greens and nut dishes for a splash of colour and sweet, light flavour.

Trends: Simple, but simply divine! Sugar cookies with @flowerdalefarm Cornflowers pressed into the dough make beautiful festive gifts by food stylists @sydneyfoodsisters