New Product: Petite White Salad Onion

Petite-White-Salad-OnionFlowerdale Farm is delighted to provide a new range of Petite Vegetables for Australia's leading Chefs. Small on size, but big on flavour these tiny veg lines are best used whole for perfect plate presentation.

These very small onions have a lovely sweet, delicate flavour and are usually served as an accompaniment. Petite White Salad Onions can be roasted or glazed with balsamic vinegar or tamarind for rich complex flavour. Pickled White Salad Onion also makes a great side with a beautiful balance of sweet and sour notes. Season: Year Round Availability


Flavours & Trends: Sunshine Confetti

chef d armonAppearance: A golden selection of petite petals

Flavour: Musky, saffron-like, tangy flavour

Applications: Adds warm colour and mild flavour to savoury dishes, cakes and desserts. Stunning when scattered through salads.

Complements: Smoked salmon, trout, shellfish, breakfast eggs, chicken, ice cream, sorbet, honey, salad greens, citrus, summer fruits, macadamia, cakes and biscuits.

Trends: Spanner crab, apple, water chestnut, carrot and burnt honey is garnished with @FlowerdaleFarm Sunshine Confetti Petals by @chef_d_armon at @serafino_wines in Mclaren Vale South Australia.


Flavours & Trends: Cornflower Sapphire Buttons

dawsonkewAppearance: A dense mass of tiny petals in vibrant blue, purple, pink and mauve tones.

Flavour: Sweet to spicy, clove-like.

Applications: Brilliant addition to fruit salads, breakfast and brunches, sweets, cakes and desserts, summer salads and biscuits. Separate the petals and scatter though dishes or used whole for greatest effect.

Complements: Chocolate, cream, ice cream, cakes, citrus, summer fruits, ancient grains, desserts, sweet pastries, sorbets, salad greens and nut dishes for a splash of colour and sweet, light flavour.

Trends: A lesson in perfect plating by Chef @majid.jreige from Melbourne venue @dawsonkew. Dark chocolate brownie, miso caramel, chocolate cremeux, caramel popcorn and hazelnut gelato garnished with @FlowerdaleFarm Cornflower petals.


Flavours & Trends: Polyanthus

bentwoodAppearance: Large vibrant flower available in yellow, pink, purple, white, red and orange tones.

Flavour: Mild and subtle grassy characteristics with highly aromatic scent

Applications: Ideal for adding vibrant colour and sweet flavour to salads and desserts. Polyanthus also crystallises well.

Complements: A great accompaniment to chocolate, hazelnut, fruits, cream and yogurt. Use as a topping for desserts, cakes, breakfast & brunches, red or white meat and vegetarian dishes.

Trends: This delicious Golden Gaytime Panna Cotta with summer fruits and polyanthus edible flowers is making us smile at Melbourne cafe @bentwoodfitzroy


Instagram Inspiration @born.under.the.sun

born-under-the-sunCaraway seasoned savoy cabbage chips, pickled beet stem, salt baked beet, horseradish cashew cream, caraway-beet powder, red vein sorrel and purple oxalis. Created by Chef and food stylist for the Netflix series Final Table, Bernadett Vanek @born.under.the.sun

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