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burnt-lemon-rainbow-latteRainbow lattes with @FlowerdaleFarm viola edible flowers are brightening the day at @burntlemoncafe in Armadale

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Flavours & Trends: Native Saltbush Leaves

vue-de-monde-saltbushAppearance: Large blue-grey leaves with a slightly ruffled edge

Flavour: Salty, slightly bitter flavour

Applications: Fresh or blanched Saltbush leaves can be used as a wrap around meat and seafood. They can be coated in egg and fried to as a crunchy side or used fresh to add a savoury flavour to salads or as a leafy bed for grilled meat or vegetables.

Complements: Red and white meats, cheese, egg, macadamia oil, pumpkin, tomato, onion, polenta, grains and pulses.

Trends: Flinders Island lamb saddle, stuffed with pine mushrooms, kelp and saltbush served with its sweetbreads and a roasted chicken jus is being served at @vuedemonde


Flavours & Trends: Native Karkalla Leaves

davidteasdell-karkallaAppearance: Plump, juicy leaves in the shape of tiny bananas

Flavour: Light, sweet, salty taste similar to wild strawberries or fresh figs

Applications: An excellent accompaniment to seafood and shellfish. Karkalla can be used as a salt substitute in meat dishes or to add unique savoury dimension to salads and savoury meals. Karkalla is robust enough to be lightly steamed or blanched, stir-fried or pickled.

Complements: Mushrooms, egg, seafood, shellfish, oysters, smoked fish, salad greens, warrigal greens, lamb, kangaroo and beetroot.

Trends: Spanner Crab, avocado and Australian native karkalla is being served on Sydney Harbour by private chef @davidteasdell


Flavours & Trends: Lemon Myrtle

the-heads-lemon-myrtleAppearance: Glossy, pointed green leaves

Flavour: Creamy lemon-lime flavour and aroma

Applications: The versatile and refreshing flavour makes a terrific seasoning for fish, chips, chicken and roast vegetables. Use fresh or grind into pastes or rubs.

Complements: Seafood, tofu, pork, chicken, ice cream, sorbet, mango, chilli, salad greens, saltbush, karkalla, finger limes, coconut cream, ginger, fish sauce, yogurt and mayonnaise

Trends: New to the @at_theheads menu is chickpea dusted local calamari with lemon myrtle, costal saltbush and squid ink aioli


Flavours & Trends - Wasabi Leaves

Standard Wasabi LeavesAppearance: Glossy, deep-green, heart-shaped leaves with the approximate diameter of 50-90mm

Flavour: Mild wasabi taste

Applications: Standard Wasabi Leaves work beautifully as a savoury plate element or as a flavoursome base for dramatic canapés

Complements: Steak tartare, salmon, white fish, crab, shellfish, cucumber, lime juice, citrus segments, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils and finger limes.

Trends: @restaurantnavi is dishing up slow-cooked kangaroo tail, pickled, smoked and wrapped in a wasabi leaf, with confit wild onion pearls, muntries and kangaroo consommé infused with lemon tea-tree.