Flavours & Trends: Red Garnet Foliette @ladymarmaladecafe

ladymarmaladecafe-red-garnetAppearance: Bright red slender leaves on a central stem

Flavour: Mild, sweet taste, similar to spinach

Applications: The perfect garnish. A favourite among Chefs, Red Garnet Foliette adds brilliant colour to dishes. With a mild flavour this high impact leaf allows the taste of the dish to shine. This attractive Foliette is also ideal in salads, soups, stir-fries, meats and Asian cuisine.

Complements: Red and white meat, poultry and game, seafood, citrus, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils, root vegetables and finger limes.

Trends: Brisbane venue @ladymarmaladecafe is serving a breakfast gnocchi: forest mushroom gnocchi with creamy garlic sauce, spinach, bacon and poached egg, finished with red garnet.