Flavours & Trends: Sweet Alyssum

born-under-the-sunAppearance: Clusters of tiny blooms in white, pink, purple and lilac hues

Flavour: Slightly sweet and peppery flavour similar to kale

Applications: A great addition to salads, savoury dishes and for use in intricate applications. Place stems of flowers throughout a dish to create a focal point or use tweezers to delicately position individual blooms for the perfect petite garnish.

Complements: Oysters, shellfish, seafood, red meats, chili, salad greens, citrus, summer fruits, berries, desserts, cheesecake, almonds and macadamias.

Trends: Fennel and oro blanco, almond cream, burnt grapefruit vinaigrette and stems of delicate Sweet Alyssum flowers complete this white themed dish by chef and food stylist @born.under.the.sun