Flowerdale Farm Cut Cress

Flowerdale Farm is proud to announce the launch of 'Cut Cress' an innovative new microgreen range addressing the needs of the export & interstate markets.

Fitting twice as many punnets (as compared to living microgreen pots) into an AVE chilled air freight container, Cut Cress is an ideal product for interstate and export markets. An added benefit of Cut Cress packaging is its greatly reduced weight. At only 30 grams, it is less than 1/6 of the weight of a traditional living microgreen pot, reducing air freight costs substantially.

Despite this significant reduction in weight, Cut Cress offers twice the product volume of a traditional living microgreen pot, offering unrivalled value in the microgreen category.

Cut Cress, and its patented resealable clam-shell punnets, offer extended shelf life by helping to maintain an ideal temperature and preventing the product from drying out. As the Cut Cress is fully in-cased, this packaging solution protects the delicate product from damage in transit. Cut Cress punnets also stack neatly, improving efficiencies in freight and logistics.

With over 20 flavoursome varieties Cut Cress offers a convenient, ready to use product, perfect for restaurant and foodservice clients. 

Cut Cress PunnetsCut Cress punnets

Cut Cress has the following benefits to customers:

Stackable punnets

Fit twice as many punnets (as compared to living pots) into an air freight container

Reduced freight costs

Pay for product not soil!  Less weight makes the product cheaper to transport

Twice the volume

1 punnet of Cut Cress is equivalent product volume to 2 pots of living microgreens

Superior shelf life

Durable punnet protects the product in transit, preventing damage and drying out

Chef ready product

Convenient, ready to use product, perfect for foodservice

Wide range

20 flavoursome varieties available

For more information on Cut Cress, or to place an order please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.