How to Buy Edible Flowers & Leaves


For retail purchases please visit the following locations:

David Jones Foodhall, Lower Ground, 299 Bourke Street Melbourne 3000. Phone: (03) 9643 2521

Fruits on Coventry, Shop 46-48 South Melbourne Markets, 3205. Phone: (03) 9696 0345


For wholesale purchases please contact the Flowerdale Farm stall at the Melbourne Wholesale Market:

Stores 52-54, Melbourne Wholesale Markets, 35 Produce Drive, Epping VIC 3076

Phone: (03) 9687 2522   Fax: (03) 9687 2520

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Edible Flowers FAQ

What are ‘edible flowers’?

The culinary use of flowers dates back thousands of years in many different cultures. Edible flowers can contribute flavour, aroma and colour to a wide range of dishes including savoury meals, salads, beverages, cakes and desserts. They are also a beautiful garnish, adding style to any dish.

However, not all flowers are edible. Only specific varieties which have been grown under strict guidelines are safe for human consumption. Flowerdale Farm’s specialist growers have extensive experience in cultivating edible flower varieties which are grown pesticide free, are flavoursome and ready-to-eat.

Flowerdale Farm recommends the following guidelines for eating flowers safely:

  • Only eat flowers obtained from a reputable grower which you know to be consumable.
  • Do not eat flowers from a florist or nursery. These have often been treated with harmful pesticides or chemicals which are not safe for consumption.
  • Do not eat flowers growing by roadsides, in parks or public gardens. They may have been affected by pesticides, herbicides or pollution.
  • If you are unsure of what the flower is don’t eat it. Many flower varieties have visual similarities, but only a select few are edible.  
  • Consumption of edible flowers is not recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.  

How to use edible flowers in cooking

There is no easier way to add amazing flavour and interest to your meals than by adding edible flowers. More than just a garnish, many of our edible flowers can be used as key ingredients in a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes. Our edible flower collection includes varieties which have spicy, savoury, sweet and perfumed flavours.

Use edible flowers to instantly enhance the taste and presentation of any dish including salads, soups, meat dishes, seafood, entrees, desserts, baked goods, pastries, ice drinks and cocktails

Caring for your edible flowers

To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Edible Flowers between 1-5 degrees C. They are best kept in the middle shelf of your refrigerator.

Edible flowers should be consumed within 10 days of packing. Rinse in cold water before use and shake off excess liquid.

How are edible flowers grown?

Flowerdale Farm edible flowers are grown in Glenlyon Victoria, a small town in the picturesque shire of Hepburn. With a focus on low-impact gardening and responsive farming, all our edible flowers are grown with organic fertilizers, hand-picked, meticulously packed and ready for the plate.

We rely on companion planting for plant health and to naturally repel pests. However some predator bugs are welcome, maintaining a natural balance in the garden. To stop caterpillars, we use a biological organic spray that specifically targets the caterpillar but is harmless to other beneficial bugs like bees, lady bugs and prey mantis.

For soil health we use crop rotation, not growing the same plant in the same spot for long periods. Mulching with pea straw avoids weeds and adds nitrogen to the soil.

Each flower variety is seasonal, which means we work to a strict calendar that outlines what and when to plant and when to harvest. However, our wide range of edible flowers ensures that there are selected varieties available year round.

Simple Recipe Ideas for Edible Flowers

  • Add to cocktails, fruit punch and drinks
  • Freeze edible flowers in ice cubes and float in summer drinks
  • Create floral syrups to add to baking and desserts
  • Add to salads for brilliant colour and flavour
  • Crystalize blooms whole as a dramatic garnish
  • Add to fruit salads for a fresh and unique dessert
  • Use for the decoration of pastries, sweet pies and tarts
  • Scatter savoury varieties over lamb, pasta, risotto, egg dishes or roast vegetables
  • Use petals to flavour and decorate cakes, biscuits and breads
  • Add to jams, jellies or preserves for extra flavour and dimension
  • Combine with chocolate for an irresistible treat
  • Add to ice cream for unique flavour and colour
  • Scatter petals or use full blooms as a garnish for sweet and savoury meals