Asparagus tartare with Flowerdale Farm baby veg, edible flowers and leaves

Asparagus tartare with Flowerdale Farm baby veg, edible flowers and leaves

Created by Nic Backhouse, Chef de Partie of The Stables at Stones


45 Minutes



For 4 people

  • 200 grams Green asparagus
  • 100 grams Butter
  • 50 grams Whipping cream
  • 100 mL Jersey milk
  • 2 Gelatine leaves
  • 250 grams Cream
  • 1 dash(es) Salt
  • 1 Loaf levain crisp
  • 1 Bunch Flowerdale Farm Baby Golden Beet (oven baked)
  • 1 Punnet Flowerdale Farm Bulls Bood Foliette
  • 1 Punnet Flowerdale Farm Wasabi Leaves
  • 1 Punnet Flowerdale Farm Sweet Allysum Edible Flowers
  • 1 Punnet Flowerdale Farm Micro Salad Mix

Adjust Quantity


  1. Asparagus: Remove any woody parts of the asparagus. Leave skin on and thinly slice. Sweat asparagus in butter emulsion with salt and pepper to taste until tender.
  2. Mousse: Add to asparagus 50gr whipping cream and 100ml Jersey milk and reduce over low heat until coating asparagus. Blitz with a stock mixer and add 2 gelatin leaves. Pass mixture onto ice bath. While cooling, separately semi whip 250gr cream in a Kitchen Aid. Gently fold cream into cold mousse, continue to add until correct consistency is achieved. Note: may not need all the whipped cream. Adjust seasoning to taste.
  3. To Serve: Thinly slice baked petite beetroot. Cut wasabi leaves into rounds. Break levain crips into bite sized pieces. Place several spoonfuls of asparagus mousse on plate. Top with beetroot slices, wasabi leaf rounds and levain crisps. Garnish with bulls blood foliette, micro salad and sweet alyssum flowers.