Sharp mustard-like biting taste with a pungent aroma.

Horseradish root is technically a vegetable however it is most commonly served as a condiment. Native to Europe, it is best used freshly grated and raw added to sauces.

Product Details


Grated and added to vinegar and cream to create a delicious sauce with kick. Serve with beef, salmon, potatoes and beetroot or as a dressing for salads. Use as a replacement for mustard in sandwiches or create a horseradish crust for roasted meats. Liven up soups, stews and egg dishes.


Fleshy long roots with brownish, wrinkled skin. Inside the flesh is firm and creamy white.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm products between 7-20 degrees C. Rinse lightly under cold clean water before use.

Health Benefits

Horseradish contains vitamin C, calcium, folate, potassium and magnesium.


1kg bag.


Flowerdale Farm’s Horseradish is available year round