Flavours & Trends: Crimson Elk Foliette @serafino_wines

serafino-red-elkAppearance: Elegant finely serrated two-tone statement leaf

Flavour: A sweet mustard flavour

Applications: Use to add fresh spicy flavour to pasta, seafood and meat dishes with perfect presentation

Complements: Crimson Elk Foliette is very adaptable with a wide range of savoury applications. Goes well with red & white meats, seafood, tomato, carrots, cauliflower, potato, pickled veg, radish and artichoke.

Trends: Pork, cauliflower, golden raisin, moscato, pickled mustard and crimson elk are in this stand out dish created by @chef_d_armon, Executive Chef at South Australia's @serafino_wines


Flavours & Trends: Green Elk Foliette @allegromelbourne

allegro-green-elkAppearance: Highly decorative 'Elk-Horn' shaped lime green leaves

Flavour: A pleasant, mild mustard, tangy flavour

Applications: A tender and very versatile leaf with sweet mustard flavour which suits a wide range of proteins. This garnish zings with flavour and is ideal for adding dimension and texture to savoury dishes.

Complements: Chicken, beef, pork, white fish, shellfish, tomato, pumpkin, carrot and corn.

Trends: Five star dining @allegromelbourne restaurant at @westinmelbourne features marinated shaved Fremantle octopus with red pepper and nduja sausage, white onion, saltbush, chives and olive oil crowned with green elk.


Flavours & Trends: Red Garnet Foliette @ladymarmaladecafe

ladymarmaladecafe-red-garnetAppearance: Bright red slender leaves on a central stem

Flavour: Mild, sweet taste, similar to spinach

Applications: The perfect garnish. A favourite among Chefs, Red Garnet Foliette adds brilliant colour to dishes. With a mild flavour this high impact leaf allows the taste of the dish to shine. This attractive Foliette is also ideal in salads, soups, stir-fries, meats and Asian cuisine.

Complements: Red and white meat, poultry and game, seafood, citrus, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils, root vegetables and finger limes.

Trends: Brisbane venue @ladymarmaladecafe is serving a breakfast gnocchi: forest mushroom gnocchi with creamy garlic sauce, spinach, bacon and poached egg, finished with red garnet.


Instagram Inspiration @dulcesbocados_

dulcesbocadosSamphire tempura - a simple yet delicious approach with this native ingredient by food blogger @dulcesbocados_

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Flavours & Trends: Rose Petals @sweetie_and_moustache

sweetie-moustacheAppearance: Large, fragrant and delicate petals available in an array of red, white, pink and yellow tones.

Flavour: Rose perfume flavour

Applications: Use Turkish Delight Rose Petals to add a touch of romance, colour and sweet perfume to your drink or meal

Complements: An ideal dressing for desserts, summer sorbets and pastries. Create signature cocktails with flair and aroma. Combines well with rich flavours including chocolate, pistachio, meringue, pavlova, fruit salad, champagne and gin.

Trends: Melbourne dessert lounge and bar @sweetie_and_moustache is serving creative cocktails crowned with fresh edible rose petals