Pea & Bean Flowers Edible Flowers

Strong sweet green pea flavour.

Flowerdale Farm’s Pea and Bean Flowers seasonally contain broad bean, runner bean and snow pea flowers. Their fresh pea flavours make them ideal to add lift to savouy meals.

Product Details


Pea and Bean Edible Flowers are best used whole. They have a surprising crunch in the flower kernel. Use them as an ingredient in salads and savoury dishes such as couscous and pilaf or as a flavoursome garnish for meat dishes.


Five petals including two ‘wing’ petals. Broad bean flowers feature black spots on the crowning petals and delicate dark veins running the length of the petal. Snow pea and scarlet runner blooms share the same shape, but are smaller and single coloured.

Colours: From pale white with black markings, to red and purple tones.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Edible Flowers between 1-5 degrees C.


Punnets: Tamper evident punnets provide long shelf life and easy-to-use convenience for individual retail customers and wholesale clients.

Wholesale Boxes: Mixed boxes containing 12 punnets of different edible flower varieties are perfect for providores, greengrocers or foodservice.


Flowerdale Farm’s Pea and Bean Edible Flowers are available November - March.