Petite Lemon Balm

A delicate citrus flavour and scent.

The same compounds found in citrus fruit provide the lemony scent and flavour of this Foliette.  Petite Lemon Balm adds a freshness and zest to sweet and savoury dishes.

Product Details


Lemon Balm Foliette has a citrus flavour which is the ideal addition to soups, salads, chicken and fish dishes. Lemon Balm Foliette is a flavoursome garnish for desserts, sweets, pastries and cocktails.


Strawberry-leaf appearance with dark green fury surface and serrated edges.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Foliette between 1-5 degrees C. Rinse lightly under cold clean water before use.

Health Benefits

Petite Lemon Balm Foliette contains antioxidants, vitamin C and thiamine.


Tamper evident punnets provide long shelf life and easy-to-use convenience


Flowerdale Farm Petite Lemon Balm Foliette is cultivated in hydroponic conditions and is available year round.