Baby Coloured Cauli

Slightly milder, sweeter, nuttier than large white cauliflower

Mini Colored Cauliflowers have the same firmness, crumbly florets, and texture as their large counterpart, but are free of the bitterness sometimes found in large white cauliflower.

Product Details


Mini Coloured Cauliflowers can be prepared in the same manner as white cauliflower, however we recommend using the vibrant colours as a visual counterpoint to create a point of interest in dishes. Consider creating colourful cauliflower fritters, roasted cauliflower or coloured cauliflower soup. You can also blitz into colourful cauliflower 'rice', serve raw on fresh veggie platters or create coloured cauliflower puree for brilliant plate presentation.


Miniature Cauliflowers in vibrant Purple, Green, Orange and White.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Baby Coloured Cauliflower between 1-5 degrees C. Rinse lightly under cold clean water before use.




Flowerdale Farm's Baby Coloured Cauliflower is cultivated in field grown conditions and is available year round.