Baby Heirloom Radish

Peppery flavour, earthy and crunchy.

Heirloom Radishes are a combination of coloured radish varieties of the Brassicaceae family. They contribure a wonderful peppery flavour and are an attractive addition to any savoury plate.

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Baby Heirloom Radishes have high visual impact and are an ideal ingredient in salads.They are also excellent when steamed, braised or served as a lively side to beef dishes.


A mix of petite, round, radishes with purple, white or red skins.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm’s Baby Heirloom Radish between 1-20 degrees C. Product should be consumed within 14 days of packing. Rinse lightly under cold clean water before use.

Health Benefits

Heirloom Radishes contain folate, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium and vitamins C, B6 and E.




Flowerdale Farm’s Baby Heirloom Radish is cultivated in field grown conditions and is available year round.