Petticoat Spice Edible Flowers

Sweet flavour and clove-like scent

Petticoat Spice Dianthus Flowers are a dainty small bloom which can be used whole, or separate petals and scatter as a colourful garnish

Product Details


A great addition to salad greens, Petticoat Spice also shines in sweets and baked goods, cake, chocolate, hazelnut, nuts, icecream and sorbet.


Small, ruffled-edged blooms in a stunning selection of magenta, pink and white tones


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Edible Flowers between 1-5 degrees C.


Punnets: Tamper evident punnets provide long shelf life and easy-to-use convenience for individual retail customers and wholesale clients.

Wholesale Boxes: Boxes containing 35 punnets are perfect for providores, greengrocers or foodservice.


Flowerdale Farm Petticoat Spice Dianthus Edible Flowers are seasonally available September – May.